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Violets on the window

Violets on the window

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Patrícia desincarnated at nineteen years old. During her brief stay with us on earth she was a Spiritist by conviction and an active seeker of eternal truths. Her desincarnation was like going to sleep and waking up in the spiritual plane among friends. She was fascinated by what she saw, by the reports from companions that later on would come to us incarnates to dictate their adventure. Violets on the window describes the experiences of a person conscientious of what desincarnation means. It removes one more veil from the mystery of the afterlife. Simply, she tells of the beauty, the needs she met in the spiritual plane, talks about her needs and of the others. Needs such as: How would she eat? How would she dress? Would she feel cold or hot? Would she need to use the bathroom?
Patrícia clearly describes the...

Código do produto: 4057

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Disponível: Em estoque

Preço: R$31,90

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Espírito:     PATRÍCIA
Editora:    PETIT
Gênero:    Romance
Páginas:    224

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